Amboseli National Park:

The largest peak in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, provides the majestic back drop for this park. Although not as large as others in the southern region, Amboseli features a unique ecosystem and a variety of game that is easy to spot. The park also features five different wildlife habitats: the seasonal lake bed of Lake Amboseli, sulfur springs surrounded by swamps and marshes, open plains, woodlands, and lava rock thornbush country. Amboseli is best known for its great elephant herds. The park also provides the best chance of spotting the elusive black rhino. Lion and cheetah are common as well as Maasai giraffe, eland, Coke's hartebeest, waterbuck, impala and gazelle.

Because it has a much dryer climate, Amboseli has suffered more than any other park in terms of the damage done by minibuses. Much of the year it is a dust bowl so sticking to defined tracks while driving helps tremendously. There are three lodges in the center of the park featuring spectacular views of Mt. Kilimanjaro: Amboseli Lodge and Kilimanjaro Safari Lodge which provide the full array of conveniences; and the Ol Tukai Lodge which consists of a series of self-catering cottages. The Amboseli Serena Lodge is close to the southern perimeter of the park. It's close proximity to Enkongo Narok Swamp guarantees a variety of bird and animal activity. Camp grounds and smaller hotel accommodations exist as well at reasonable prices.

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