The Aberdares:

To the Kikuyu people, the Aberdare mountains are known as Nyandarua ("Drying Hide") because of their resemblance to a skin over a drying frame. The first European to see the mountains, Joseph Thompson, renamed them in 1884 after Lord Aberdare, president of the Royal Geographical Society. A national park was established in 1950. Distinctive vegetation graces the mountain slopes ranging from dense jungle to thick bamboo forests to unusual alpine plants abundant in the moorlands. A variety of animal life is common in the lower elevations although viewing is difficult due to the thick vegetation.

The Aberdare National Park surrounds the moorland and high forest of the Kinangop plateau and reaches down to the lower slopes near Nyeri. It tends to be a popular distinction for travelers and is often left off the itineraries of safari companies as well. The threat of wet weather resulting in impassable roads coupled with limited overnight accommodations make this park a difficult stop for tours. Another drawback is the dense forest which limits game viewing. The park does offer glimpses of flora and fauna not found anywhere else in Kenya except the Mt. Kenya area. For the determined traveler, accommodations can be arranged at a variety of unusual, although expensive, hotels.

Treetops is the original and most famous of the "treetop" style hotels. It is built on stilts overlooking a saltlick and waterhole making it ideal for night-time game viewing. The design was inspired by Peter Pan and originally opened in 1932 as a two-room tree house. The Ark is situated beside a swampy water- hole and artificial saltlick. It is an ideal location for close-up, sedentary game viewing. Both hotels require advance reservations and you must be driven there in the lodges' vehicles - no personal vehicles are allowed.

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